Wesley Yim

Guest Instructor

Wesley Yim is a Guest Instructor with Active K9 Academy, where he instructs a range of dogs in fun agility. Eager to grow and excel in the sport of agility, he trains with local and overseas trainers and has attended dog agility seminars with international trainers such as Kaitoda Masanori, Tamás Tráj and Jan Egil Eide. He can often be found trialing at local agility trials with his dog.

Wesley’s love of dogs started early through his consumption of the children’s literary series’, Puppy Patrol and Animal Ark. Moving into adulthood, he honed his dog handling skills through his volunteer work with local non-profit dog organisations where he assisted in the care and rehabilitation of rescued street dogs.

A passionate dog lover, he owns two Japanese Spitz and one mongrel aka Revers3oreo. All three dogs are trained in basic obedience with one dog training in competitive obedience and the other two in agility. When not working hard at their respective sports, Wesley and his dogs explore Singapore through pack walks with friends and occasionally get down and dirty with a dog hash!