The impetus for incorporating swimming into our daycare’s activities is seeing many dogs, especially large breeds, suffering from joint diseases. Many of these problems could have been mitigated if the dog had started out on a regular swimming programme during puppyhood. Thus, as part of Active K9 Academy’s mission to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle with our dogs, we have specially built an indoor pool at our centre so that our dogs can always swim no matter rain or shine.

    Swimming is a low impact exercise that has several benefits:

  • It improves cardiovascular strength
  • Build core strength
  • Helps to build muscles
  • Improves circulation
    For dogs that have medical conditions where swimming is a preferred form of hydrotherapy treatment:

  • It helps to increase range of motion
  • Reduce pain
  • Renders the dog weightless and therefore allows use of the affected limbs

We strongly encourage parents of young puppies to swim their dogs regularly as we have seen big improvements in the gait and muscle tone of young dogs when they start swimming as early as four months old.

We provide fitness swims for healthy dogs and hydrotherapy for dogs with medical conditions. Our hydrotherapy sessions are conducted by experienced and certified hydrotherapists to ensure. Your dog may require more than one therapists in a session.


Our 6.5 metres by 3 metres above ground swimming pool is fitted with an external ramp that allows access to the pool entrance that leads to an internal ramp for entry and exit into the water. The pool is heated to 29-30°C which is a comfortable temperature that aids in blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

The pool sports an underwater viewing window to allow a different view of the dogs' underwater movements.

Fitness Swim

Swimming is a great form of exercise for dogs. It is low impact and non weight bearing that does not stress on its joints during the swim. It is not only for muscle building and conditioning purposes, it can be great fun too!

Fitness swims can help to improve fitness and stamina, increase muscle strength and also give high energy dogs a fun and healthy, physical outlet to release their energy.



  • Per session for 24 sessions



  • Per session for 24 sessions


A mandatory pre-hydrotherapy assessment with our therapists is conducted to design a therapy plan. The fee for this assessment is $80.

Hydrotherapy fees are quoted based on one therapist per session. When cases require more than one therapist, there will be an additional fee of $20 per therapist.

The fees quoted does not include a post-swim shower and blow dry. Shower and blow dry service can be provided by our staff at an additional charge of $15. You may also make arrangements with the nearby groomer or a mobile groomer if you require a professional standard of grooming.



  • Per session for 24 sessions



  • Per session for 24 sessions