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What Causes Separation Anxiety In Puppies or Dogs?

What Causes Separation Anxiety In Puppies or Dogs?

Fear of Being Alone.. But Why?

Puppy separation anxiety occurs when they have not learned how to cope with being alone. Therefore, their undesirable behaviour comes from the fear of loneliness.

The other reason is their lack of independence. For the majority of young pups, being by themselves is a relatively new experience because prior to coming home with you, most spent the first two months of their lives with their mothers and other siblings.

The final reason is a lack of stimulation – which can also lead to separation anxiety. Without enough exercise, mental engagement, or social interaction, puppies become bored quickly and easily. This often leads to frustration and anxiety caused by the buildup of excess energy.

Puppy Separation Anxiety Signs

Excessive Barking

When left alone in a confined area

Digging at Doors

In an attempt to escape and find their owner. Jumping fences, breaking through gates, or otherwise trying to find a way out

Chewing on Household Objects

Furniture, personal belongings, etc. in order to ease their anxiety

Self-harming or Obsessive Repetitive Behaviour

Excessive licking or biting on themselves out of boredom or stress

Tips to Help Prevent Puppy Separation Anxiety

Make Leaving Less of a Big Deal

Get your puppy accustomed to you leaving by making short trips out of the house a part of daily life from the beginning. It is also important when you return to not make a big fuss over them. This will help your puppy understand that coming and going is no big deal.

Tips to Help Prevent Puppy Separation Anxiety 2
Tips to Help Prevent Puppy Separation Anxiety 1

Increase Their Alone Time Progressively

Try solo activities like showering, going to the bathroom, or starting laundry while they watch so they understand it is okay for you and them to be alone.

It is important to start by gradually increasing the amount of time you are away from your puppy in 5-minute increments. Once they reach a point where they’re content to be alone for an hour, that is great progress. Remember to go progressively; leave them in a place where they feel secure and provide them with toys or other activities to preoccupy themselves in your absence.

Our Training Methodology

For Separation Anxiety Training

There could be other reasons such as: medical issues, etc. With our experience, we will be able to recommend the most suitable training method to enrol your puppy in.

Our methodology places strong focus on your – the owner. We designed our training methods to help dog owners build a stronger relationship with their pets by improving understanding, so that you can handle your dog with confidence.

With the right applied methodology, the right guidance, as well as increasing your confidence, you’ll be able to get the best results within the shortest amount of time possible.

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