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Why Potty Training a Puppy Is Difficult At Times

Let's Start From The Beginning

Where to do their business is the first thing that pet owners want to teach their puppies.

Without good toilet training habits, it is difficult to enjoy quality time with your pup. You’ll always be worrying about your puppy soiling the house or be frustrated from having to clean up after it all the time.

Thus, a puppy needs to know when and where to eliminate. The key to success with toilet training is preventing accidents from happening in the first place. Setting the right habits from the start is critical.

Once the puppy develops the habit of peeing or pooping in the wrong place, it is harder to break. That’s why our puppy toilet training classes focus on helping you create a schedule and environment that sets your pup up for success.

We’ll also teach you how to read your pup’s body language so you can take them out before they have to relieve themselves. If your puppy has already developed the habit of doing its business at home, fret not. We can still help!

Key Tips on Potty Training For Puppies

Start As Soon As You Can

Habits are hard to break so we want to build the right ones and prevent the bad ones from the start!

Establish A Routine

The routine and structure helps the puppy understand when is the right time to pee or poo. It also reduces the chance accidents in the house.

Prevent Accidents

The more times the puppy pees or poos in the wrong place, the strong the habit will become. Set up an environment to reduce the chance of that happening.

Give Your Puppy Feedback

Reward your puppy after it does its business in the correct place and correct it when has made a mistake.

My puppy won't
pee outside...

Puppies pee and poo in the place they feel comfortable. If your puppy doesn’t pee outside, it might be because it is a new environment and it is feeling a little nervous outside.

Bring it out as often as you can to get him more familiar with the environment. However, most puppies can hold their pee for a long time and the 30-minute walk is not sufficient.

Give your puppy plenty of food and water and plan a relaxing brunch at a dog friendly cafe. As your puppy builds the urgency to pee or poo, it will be motivated to do it outside.

My puppy pees inside my house after going outside

Some puppies, especially males at a certain age, might pee again indoors after bringing them out. This might be because it did not eliminate completely while on its walk.

Make sure you designate enough time for it to do so. Some puppies, especially during adolescence, do that to mark their territories.

The course of action is then obedience training and behavioral correction instead of a schedule adjustment.

Consult us to know exactly what the problem is!

Our Training Methodology

For Puppy Toilet Training

Our experience tells us if this is a straightforward toilet training program or a bigger issue like lack of obedience training or health conditions. Knowing these factors allows us to choose the right training method for your puppy.

We’ll teach you how to set up the environment, schedule and protocols to get the best results in the fastest time.

We’ll teach you when and how to reward or correct your puppy when it pees or poos. You’ll see the results and feel a sense satisfaction.


Active K9 Academy is a dog training school that aims to bring out the full potential of every dog so they can happily explore the world every day.

Our mission is to promote healthy, happy and active lifestyles for dogs and their owners and we do so by helping owners achieve their dogs’ behavioural goals and by educating the general public about dog and pet ownership.

The Active K9 Academy training school is located conveniently in the central region of Singapore at 360 Tanjong Katong Road.

Why Dogs Owners Loves Us

Professional Trainers

We are trained in US and Europe. We have breadth and depth in knowledge and experience.

Practical Training

We seek to understand needs in order to find the most practical solution for you and your dog.


We strive to make training as fun and interesting as possible. Who likes a boring teacher?


Our ultimate goal is happiness and satisfaction for you and your dog. Let’s be a team!

Our Happy Clients

Xinhui & Bei Bei
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"My vet recommended Active K9 to me and I was glad to engage Vivien for the private training for our 2 dogs. Before Vivien, we had worked with another trainer for Bei Bei's fear aggression issues with people and dogs, but it did not work out. Vivien was able to address these issues within our first 2 to 3 sessions with her. Now, Bei Bei is able to walk past people without feeling the need to react or protect herself from "threats". She is more comfortable around dogs now too. Most importantly, she guides us hoomans on how to read the signs and triggers and prevent a full blown reaction before it happens. The training made me feel more confident now when walking my dogs and I can see my dogs enjoying their walks more too. Additionally, Bei bei was not able to go to the dog parks because she will bark at the dogs there. However, we were able to bring her to the dog park and saw her play happily with other dogs within 1 session! Training is for life and with the skills taught by Vivien, I will continue to keep training my dogs and build up their confidence level."
Jaime & Haru
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"Vivien's a really patient and professional dog trainer. My puppy used to have puppy anxieties at 2.5months, she would whine and cry whenever someone goes near her. Within a couple of lessons with Vivien, Haru became really well-behaved. I love her training method where she encourages dogs using reward-based training, and do not advocate the use of punishment or scaring pets. ❤ Haru misses you, Vivien!!"
Karina & Issy
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"Thank you for #mylittle🐾mate training! Without Vivien's patience coaching and tips, seriously do not think I could handle this cheeky chihuahua! Highly recommend Active K9 Academy as they cater accordingly to your doggy needs. In addition, Vivien has been really calm and patience, knowledgeable to provide solutions, most importantly, she would max out the 1 hour efficiently. Will explore next level of training soon!"
Sunrow Leechun
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"The team is very professional and caring. Vivien gives very good guidance to first timer to build confidence and strong trusting bond with our doggy. I am sure my Corgi love them as he is very excited to go to school. I am very happy with his behaviour as a result of the training. I do endorse them."
Joshua Tan
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"Super Confident Trainer, Full of Rich Knowledge, Never Fails to Share to her best ability. Definitely has her way with different various kind of dogs, and i'm sure I'm on my way to a fun and enriching time with my dog, through lessons with Vivien! Not to mention, a nice and cosy training place, and a team of helpful and cheerful behind the Active K9 name! 3 Cheers !!!"
Wesley Yim
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"Vivien is a knowledgeable and professional trainer. Under her guidance, my Spitz has picked up many new commands from her competitive obedience course very quickly. She and her staff handle all dogs that come into their care professionally. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. 5 stars"

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