Dog Training


Our personalised one-on-one dog training programme gives you and your dog all the attention you need. This programme is ideal for training scenarios in the home or public spaces and to address behavioral issues. It is suitable for both puppies and adult dogs.

Example of training scenarios:

  • Setting the right foundation for a puppy
  • Rehabilitating a dog with fear and anxiety
  • Addressing reactivity, lunging at barking at other dogs.


Setting the right foundations early in your puppy’s life can help you and your puppy have a long and enjoyable relationship in the years to come. This six-session course starts building a good foundation for your puppy in a fun way. We cover the basic obedience exercises such as sit, come, down and stay. Your puppy will also learn to socialise with other puppy friends in class.
This course is suitable for puppies who are between 3 to 6 months old and have had at least two vaccinations before attending the class.


Our most popular programme for puppies combines the benefits of one-to-one private training and group class. In the private training sessions, your puppy will learn manners at home and you will have personalised coaching session on how to handle your puppy. With the head start in training, you and your puppy will excel in group class and get the most out of the sessions.


Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog does what you tell him to do? We will teach you how to teach your dog to walk by your side, sit, down, come and stay. All dogs must be fully vaccinated before attending the class. This class is not suitable for dogs that are reactive or aggressive. If your dog has the aforementioned behavioural issues, we recommend Private Dog Training sessions.


Looking to challenge yourself and test your dog’s obedience on a competitive level? Our Competitive Dog Obedience group classes will prep you for the rigours of the competition ring and allow you to forge a deeper bond with your dog. In addition to training the various competition exercises, this group class will teach proofing the exercises in a variety of environments. This class is suitable for dogs that have gone through basic obedience training and have a firm grasp of the basic obedience commands such as heel, sit, down, come and stay.