Day Care



At Active K9 Academy’s Daycare programme, we ensure that dogs have fun and exercise while you are at work. We are different from other daycare centres in that we walk the dogs outdoors and socialise or train them. Dog parents can be assured that their dogs get to play and go on pack walks with their buddies in school. Our daycare programme is designed to enrich your dog with social skills and ensure that they are kept fit and healthy.

Dogs at our centre play hard and also work hard. Daycare dogs can opt to attend training and learn basic commands, tricks and manners such as waiting at the door and walking well on lead. We also provide behavioural maintenance for dogs that have undergone training with us previously.

Occasionally, we may organise excursions to the dog park, the beach or other locales. Dog parents also have the opportunity to send their dogs for swimming sessions during their stay at daycare.


  • Pick up and drop off at centre
  • Pack walk
  • Swim*
  • Rest time
  • Supervised indoor play
  • Excursion to dog park or other locales*
  • Unwind and get ready to go home


All dogs are required to undergo a compulsory assessment test to ascertain their suitability for our daycare. We do not accept walk-ins for our daycare, i.e. dogs that have not undergone the assessment test.

Dogs that are aggressive, reactive, overly anxious, or display any other unsuitable behaviours will not be accepted for our daycare. We would recommend a private training class to work on the dog's issues before joining the daycare.


Cleanliness and hygiene are taken seriously at the centre. All dogs have individual crates and food bowls that are frequently washed and sanitised. As we strive to ensure a comfortable stay for your dog, the training and socialisation area is kept air-conditioned during the duration of your dog’s stay, with frequent water breaks to keep them hydrated and frequent toilet breaks to let them to relieve themselves.

We work closely with veterinarians to educate ourselves on things to watch out for to ensure the health and safety of our dogs and will inform owners of any health concerns. Our staff are required to immediately inform the management about any injuries.

At Active K9 Academy, we strive to keep all dogs and our staff safe. Our staff are trained to read for behavioural signs in order to prevent fights and injuries. Our staff will keep dog parents updated if we notice any change in behaviour or conditions that your dog may be facing. Interesting moments will be captured and sent to you occasionally, and we also update on our Instagram and Facebook pages frequently!



  • Per session for 24 sessions



  • Per session for 24 sessions

Special add-on activities for daycare*


Put that dog nose to work and see what they can find.


Go beyond the basic commands and learn some cool tricks.


Let your pup work out in a low impact yet effective way.


Challenge your dog's mind and body with some fun agility.