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Types of Dog Training

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You just got the cutest puppy but you realised that your little pup is beginning to get a little too playful, and you want to look into training him. Where do you start? What kind of dog training is available and which one should you adopt?

Here’s a list of the main types of dog training methods available that you can explore.


Types of general dog training

Clicker training

This type of training uses positive reinforcement to teach and reward good behaviour using a clicker. The idea is to teach your dog that the sound of the click means they did something right and will be rewarded for it with a treat.

Dominance training

Dominance training involves trying to establish a leader-follower relationship with your pup. This type of training is based on establishing yourself as the “alpha”, and being firm and consistent in setting rules and boundaries for your pet.

E-collar training

E-collar or “electric collar” training is a type of training that involves using an electronic device to deliver an electric shock to your dog whenever the dog exhibits unwanted behaviours. Although this method may prove effective in some cases, it is also an aversive technique that has been known to cause fear or frustration in dogs.

Positive reinforcement training

The most popular and humane method of dog training is positive reinforcement. This involves rewarding desired behaviours with treats, toys, praise or other rewards that motivate your pup to learn commands quickly and happily. When done correctly, it can create a strong bond between you and your pet based on trust and mutual respect.


Types of specialised dog training

Agility training

This type of training typically involves teaching your pup to navigate a course with various obstacles, such as jumps, tunnels, and climbing structures. This also builds your dog’s endurance and athleticism over time.

Service dog training

Service dog training is a specialised type of curriculum for dogs that are trained to work with humans in need of assistance, such as those with disabilities or medical conditions.

Tracking training

This type of training involves teaching your pup to follow a scent trail and locate objects. It’s an advanced form of obedience training that requires the use of positive reinforcement techniques.

After reading through this list, you may be feeling overwhelmed about the type of training your pup needs. Don’t worry; you don’t have to master every single kind of training all at once. Pick and choose the best method that suits your pup’s personality, physical abilities, and individual needs. With patience, consistency, and dedication, your dog will be able to master some positive behaviours.