Why Choose Us

Active K9 Academy is a dog training and service provider. Our mission is to provide dog owners and their dogs a happy and healthy life. We do so by helping owners achieve their dogs’ behavioural goals and by educating the general public about dogs and pet ownership.

We offer a suite of services from Basic Obedience Training to Competitive Obedience Training to Behavioural Modification. While we have structured programs, we also take into account the uniqueness of each dog and their owner. We adjust our training style to suit your availability of time, personality, lifestyle, and goals.

Professional Trainers

We are trained in US and Europe. We have breadth and depth in knowledge and experience.

Team Effort

We are a team. You, your dog, and our trainers and staff are team players in helping your achieve your goals.

Effective Solutions

We look for effective solutions using a variety of methods and tools.

Practical Training

We seek to understand your lifestyle and needs in order to find the best and most practical solution for you and your dog.


We strive to make training as fun and interesting as possible. Who likes a boring teacher?


Our ultimate goal is happiness and satisfaction for you and your dog. Let’s be a team!


Vivien Chin is an AVA accredited trainer in Singapore. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters in Neuroscience from Texas, USA. There, she researched on learning and memory, specializing in the hippocampal region of the brain. She taught the Learning and Behavior Lab at the university level, published in scientific journals and presented posters at conferences. She has built her knowledge through her formal education, hands-on training, extensive reading of specialist scientific literature, and by attending seminars conducted by internationally renowned trainers in the USA and Europe.