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At Active K9 Academy, we firmly believe that every dog has the potential to be great. Our dog training classes in Singapore focus on helping dogs and their owners achieve success together. Our human-centered approach acknowledges the fact that the success of dog training is in fact dependent on the human.


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We’ve Experienced It All

Dogs that…

🥺 Have toilet training problems
🥺 Doesn’t listen to your commands|
🥺 Pulls on a leash
🥺 Gets overly excited or reactive with other dogs
Coupled with stress and lack of time, it can be really be frustrating for dog owners.

Start Understanding Your Dog Today
With Our Training Methods

A Human Focused Approach

Instead of focusing solely on your dog, we focus on you as well – the owner.

After all, you are the one who will be living with your dog day in and day out. Our training methods are designed to help you better understand your dog so that you can more effectively engage with them.

Dogs communicate primarily through body language. When you give verbal commands to your dog, they may not register it, and it isn’t always because they intentionally want to go against you.

So rather than trying to pin your dog’s failure to listen on one issue, start working with your dog from the ground up, trying everything you can until the command sticks. Remember to be an effective leader; give consistent commands with body language cues, and make sure that your dog understands what you are asking it to do before assuming that your dog simply doesn’t want to listen to you.

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Activek9 academy puppy training in Singapore

Our Dog Training Classes

Puppy Toilet

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Private Training & Consultation

Dog Obedience
Group Class

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Puppy Development

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We Shape Their Behaviour Quickly



Positive & Fun

We believe that both owner and dog should enjoy learning together. Developing a stronger bond between the two leads to happier & healthier life

We Are Expert In Our Field

We develop dog training techniques and programs based on deep understanding of canine and human psychology

We Are With You
All The Way

We understand that there may be challenges and we are here to support you

Key Outcomes That You
Can Look Forward To:

With Our Dog Training Programme

  1. Teach your dog to listen to your commands
  2. Learn techniques to handle your dog’s behavior
  3. Teach your dog to be calm around people and other dogs
  4. Have a stronger & happier bond between you and your dog

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Join Thousands of Happy Dog Owners

Before engaging ACTIVEK9ACADEMY

“My dog used to pull towards and bark loudly at people and dogs. It was very embarrassing and I didn’t want to take her out. It was very stressful and unfulfilling having her.

After engaging ACTIVEK9ACADEMY:

“I’m very surprised at how quickly they took to resolve the problem. I saw improvements even after the first session. I never thought I could bring my dog to the dog park. In one of the sessions, we went to the dog park for training. I was happy to see that she was not aggressive and enjoyed herself running around with the other dogs”

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Set Your Dog’s Foundation Early

With Us Today

Top Questions About Our Dog Training Classes


Which programme is suitable for my dog?

It depends on what your goals are, your dog’s temperament, how old your dog is, severity of behavioural problems, how much time you have to practice.

Group class are suitable for dogs with no behavioural problems. Dogs with behavioural issues such aggression or anxiety are recommended for private training where a 100% of our attention is needed.

Competition and Nosework class are best for dogs with no behavioural problems and a high drive for food and/or toys.

You may schedule an assessment with our trainers to meet your dog and interview you. They are then able to recommend you the most suitable programme for your dog.

What payment modes do you accept?

Cash, cheque, NETS and PayNow.

How many sessions would I need?

It depends on what your goals are, your dog’s temperament, how old your dog is, severity of behavioural problems, how much time you have to practice. Dog training consists of knowledge and skill. Knowledge can be imparted quickly. However, a skill requires time to perfect.

For behavioral issues that are not severe, e.g. mild reactivity, the knowledge of how to handle your dog can be delivered in 4 sessions. However, you may want to sign up for more to practice to improve your skill. Our clients with typical cases of dog reactivity, see improvement within 2 sessions and further progress with every additional session.

Behavioural issues that are more severe will naturally require more sessions or even the Board & Train Programme.

I have more questions, who do I contact?
We are happy to answer any questions not listed in this FAQ. Should you have any other burning enquires, you can contact us at +65 8332 0025 or drop us a message on our Facebook or Instagram.


What is the suitable age to sign my dog up for puppy class?

Around 4 months, after 1-2 weeks from the last vaccination. Your puppy has to be on flea and tick, heartworm prevention and kennel cough vaccination.
However, we are able to do private training at your place before the last vaccination.

Is my dog is more suited for group or private training?

Private training is recommended if your dog is apprehensive in unfamiliar surroundings, has aggression issues, or other behavioural issues that require more focused attention. If your dog does not have the aforementioned issues, group training would be suitable for it.

Is my dog suitable for Dayschool or Board & Train?

An assessment is required before we can advice further on our programs. Please schedule an assessment with our trainer.

Why is it important for my dog to go for obedience training?

It helps with performing day-to-day commands like; sit, stay, down. With basic obedience, it helps your dog to walk loose leash or even off leash and to socialise as well. Basic obedience helps to increase your dog’s focus thus not being afraid of the outdoors, making them confident dogs.

What training tools do you use?

We have many tools in our toolbox, from clickers to no-pull harness to training collars. As each dog is different and responds to each tool differently, we feel that it is important to find the right tool and technique for your dog.

Can you guarantee results?

We can never give a 100% guarantee when it comes to living creatures. As much as a doctor can give you the estimated chance of success of a particular treatment, we can give you the estimated chance of success of a particular program for your dog. That said, we have been achieving a high rate of success and satisfaction amongst our clients.